Trueshopping Hand Powered Lawnmower Cylinder Scissor Action 30cm Cutting

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Trueshopping is proud to present it’s scissor action eco-friendly hand powered lawnmower.

Forgoing the bulk and elaborateness of a petrol mower for a refined, durable construction, this hand powered lawnmower benefits from a low mess, low upkeep, all quiet and all strong reliable performance. Make no mistake, the beautiful simplicity of it’s construction not only removes the industrial noise and pollution from the garden space but it will provide a much more refined cut as well.

Whereas a motor powered mower will chop and tear the grass, leaving your lawn vulnerable to disease and insect attacks, this hand powered mower will cleanly cut the grass using a scissor rather than a hacking type action.

Never worry about dealing with starter cords, priming, burning hot engines, pollutants, smells, noise, or buying fuel for your mower ever again.

Trueshopping’s hand powered scissor action lawnmower, with it’s detachable and foldable 15 litre grass collector, will provide a more natural mowering experience for you and your lawn.

• Scissor cutting action for a finer cut
• Solid Steel Body
• Multi Striping Roller
• 15 Litre Grass Collector (foldable for easier storage)
• 12″ (30cm) Cutting Width
• Super Sharp 5 Bladed Cutting Head
• Variable Cutting Height: – 17mm-43mm
• 12 month manufacturers return to base warranty
• Assembly instructions, spanner and manual included
• Box Size mm:-490mm(L) x 390mm(D) x 260mm(H)
• Weight 8.8kgThis mower provides a fine scissor like cutting action for a healthier lawn finish. No fuel required